grid hosting

The prefect solution for anyone looking for turnkey performance and reliability with a familiar control panel.

Node110 Grid Hosting

Fast, reliable & hassle free

Secure website and email hosting.

Multi-Point Backups

Performance Optimized

Rapid Setup Time

CPanel Management

Grid Hosting

Grid Plan


Grid Hosting for Everyone
Dual Xeon

100+ GB Ram

Ultrafast Storage

A Website is only as fast as its host’s available resources. That’s why we take the extra steps to ensure each machine is provisioned accordingly and that processing is offload to servers with free resources when available. We leverage the latest vSphere technology from VMWare allowing us to provide you with performance and reliability.

Available Software

We make it our business to keep software up to date and secure. All the time.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your datacenter located? open

We’re located in a Tier 3 SAS70 Certified facility located 20 miles west of Chicago.

What’s the best way to get support? open

Please login to your account and create a support ticket.

How many IP addresses do I get? open

Grid Hosting accounts do not come with a dedicated IP. You can purchase up to 15 in your account login

Can I install an SSL Certificate? open

Yes. You can install your own once you have a dedicated IP via your control panel. Or you can purchase one from us in your account login.

Does Grid Hosting come with FTP and SSH access? open

Absolutely! Simply FTP to port 21. Explicit TLS Encryption is required for compliance. Contact us via support ticket to request SSH access.