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147,000 square foot raw, caged, micro-suite and individual cabinet space. It's pretty awesome ;)

Technology Overview

We offer both managed and unmanaged hosting solutions.

Massive Capacity

Massive Capacity

Node 110 delivers fast, energy efficient data processing systems. We are a small company that houses a large capacity infastructure. We employ modular technology systems which enable us continued scaled capacity.

Weather Proof

Weather proof

Our material is housed in non-moisture bearing, re-cyclable material enclosures with high thermal efficiency. We maintain rugged, long life protection in high-tech modular panel construction for high efficiency.

3 Tier

3-Tier Structure

All Node 110 equipment is dual-powered and fully compatible within the topology of our data center's architecture. Multiple independent distribution paths serve all of our equipment.

Purpose Built

Purpose Built

Node (PBDC) data centers are designed and constructed ground up. Our purpose built data facilities are custom built to provide more uptime, better security, reduced risk and more convenience.

Node 110 Dedication

We're reliable, fast and secure. Node 110 is an agile team with fantastic support standing by at the ready. Our servers are state of the art and proven to solve most challenging requirements. Node 110's parent company, eTecc / Interactive, has been providing premier hosting services for over ten years. It was this tenure of success and innovation that has given birth to this amazing new hosting service. Let us show you what we can do.


SOC2/SOC3 Compliance

24/7 Reliability

27/7 Reliability


Scalable architecture

Build Your Rocketship

Build Your Rocketship

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Node 110 is a labor of love. We strive to provide our customers with the most honest, transparent and reliable cloud hosting services."

Derek Meirsonne Founder, CEO